[en]Nintendo is angling for yet another hit on its Switch console system with its latest installment of the Mario franchise, "Paper Mario: The Origami King," which will be released in July.[/en][cn]任天堂将在Switch游戏机系统上推出另外一款火爆游戏,就是最新的《马里奥》系列游戏《纸片马里奥:折纸王》,将于7月上市。[/cn]

  [en]"Paper Mario" will arrive on the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite on July 17 for $59.99, Nintendo announced last Thursday.[/en][cn]上周四任天堂宣布,《纸片马里奥》将于7月17日登陆任天堂Switch和Switch Lite,售价59.99美元。[/cn]

  [en]The franchise's first installment was released on the Nintendo 64 system in 2000. The latest entry includes new skills for Mario such as a "1000-Fold Arms" ability that lets players uncover new locations.[/en][cn]2000年在任天堂64系统上推出了《马里奥》系列的第一款游戏。最新的游戏里马里奥有新技能,比如千折手臂(暂译)技能,让玩家可以发现新地点。[/cn]

  [en]The story centers on the eponymous hero and his sidekick, Luigi, who are invited to the kingdom's origami festival by Princess Peach.[/en][cn]故事主要围绕着英雄马里奥和助手Luigi展开,碧姬公主邀请他们参加王国的折纸节。[/cn]

  [en]But when Mario and Luigi arrive, they find Peach is acting strangely. It seems King Olly has hatched a nefarious plan to take over the world, and it's up to Mario to stop him.[/en][cn]但当马里奥和Luigi到场时发现碧姬公主举止怪异,奥利国王有一个邪恶计划,要统治全世界,马里奥需要去阻止他。[/cn]

  [en]The Nintendo Switch and the popular game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" have been quarantine bestsellers. The Switch has sold out on multiple websites. As of March 31, it had sold a total of 55.7 million units, according to Nintendo.[/en][cn]任天堂Switch和流行游戏《集合啦!动物森友会》在隔离期一直很畅销。Switch在多个网站有售。任天堂称,截至3月31日,Switch总销量达到5570万。[/cn]

  [en]"Animal Crossing" was released in March just as millions of people across the world began social distancing and staying home during the pandemic. The game sold more digital units in a single month than any console game in history, according to Nielsen's SuperData, which analyzes the gaming industry.[/en][cn]《动物森友会》游戏在三月份上市,此时由于疫情原因,全球数百万人开始居家隔离。据分析游戏产业的尼尔森旗下的SuperData称,这款游戏的数字游戏一个月内的销量高于史上任何一款游戏机游戏。[/cn]